Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Play Day (with Dyes)

I am still in dealing with the aftermath of my move mode, but I took a break yesterday for a Shibori play date with the guild's Surface Design mini-group.  I haven't yet washed out all of my pieces–I dyed cotton fat quarters, silk scarves and a straw capeline (which will become a hat soon)–but, here is the first.

Arashi ShiboriWhat do you see in this arashi shibori? 

Common answers of the day were petals, yucca plant, dragon or alien skeleton.

There is a nice tutorial for shibori here:


For our workshop, we used an indigo-colored procion dye.

This (and getting settled into the new place) is my work-in-progress this week. Like Lee, there will also be painting.

My sewing space is still unpacked (and I still cannot find the box with the sewing essentials like scissors and needles in it).  Right now, the cats are spending more time there than I am.

And the design wall is still just a piece of insulation ...


They are checking out the neighbors. Isn't he a beauty? 

DSCN9520   DSCN9514


Lucy | Charm About You said...

I saw two snakes! My cat would run and hide from that neighbour!

Linda in Calif. said...

I must have NO imagination - I saw pretty dyed fabric! hahaha Well, I know about those huskies, as my sister used to raise and show them. Aren't they pretty? I do hope you find your scissors and needles soon. Life is not good without them. Right?

Anonymous said...

He is a beautiful dog! I hope you get everything where you can find it and use it soon. I know unpacking and resettling is such a mess. It's one of several reasons I'm not anxious to sell my house. =) I'm sort of thinking some kind of thing in a cathedral with that light pouring down between the darker colored columns.

Jennifer Boes said...

My first thought on the shibori was LOVELY! I'll admit I see snakeskin just a little bit.

Good luck with the organizing - hope you have a blessed time settling in.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

On your shibori.........I see a panda bear. The dog is pretty and hopefully your kitties will get used to the new place. I am trying to catch up.........I am working outside of the house again.

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