Tuesday, December 08, 2015

My Winter Sunrise

Yesterday, Hilda shared a spectacular sunrise photo–it's worth a click over to see.  It inspired me to take a moment this morning to take a moment and share one of my own.

December Sunrise

Here's my sunrise over the fence.

Before I moved, I could literally watch the sunrise from bed each morning.  Now, my bedroom is on the west side of the house, so I no longer have that luxury and when I'm up and about on the east side of the house, I'm usually too preoccupied with making coffee and getting ready for the day.

Thanks, Hilda, for the reminder to take a moment and enjoy the beauty right outside my front door.


Nann said...

I love sunrises! Thanks for taking and posting the photo, Sophie.

(I take more sunrise pictures than sunset pictures because of our proximity to the lake, which is east of us, and because I'm usually busy doing other stuff at sunset.)

Hilda said...

Hey Sophie, This morning was another spectacular sky morning. So glad I got my camera back to taking good pictures. Winter seems to generate more morning color with clouds to the east. The sunset last night was quite beautiful as well. I was too busy making tamales to go out and snap pictures though. My husband parked the desk chair in front of the window a la Little Prince and watched the whole thing unfold. (He usually misses most sunrises!)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Homesick-making. =) If that doesn't feed the soul, nothing will. You'll have to start looking at sunsets from your bedroom!

Sewing Up A Storm said...

I left the house at 6:45 this morning and saw the most awesome color in the East over the hill. It just kept getting better and I think it is right up there with the prettiest I have seen. Normally I do not have to get up that early so miss a lot of great sunrises.

Your photo is gorgeous!

Farm Quilter said...

So beautiful!! Love sunrises and sunsets when God paints the sky with broad strokes!

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