Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Great Gift Bag Challenge

Last summer, a friend forwarded the guidelines for a swap from Pat Sloan's online group and lamented the fact that the timing wasn't good for her and she couldn't play with the sloanies. Being the swapaholic that I am, I told her that, when she was ready, I'd love to do the swap with her.

Here's how it works:
  1. Find a gift bag with a design that appeals to you, add 6 FQs and swap it for someone else's gift bag.
  2. Once exchanged, design and make the top for a small wall hanging or table runner. The gift bag suggests the design; once designed, the quilt is made from the fabrics received and any others you want to add.
The time is here. We've decided to make table-runners for one another. Our deadline is Thanksgiving. Here is the bag I sent and its contents:

I live in a small house--really more of a cottage--built during the arts & crafts era, so the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired bag was perfect. But the colors weren't really right for me, so my fabric choices were inspired, instead, by my china . . . I included a cup and saucer in the package I sent, along with some Ginger Peach tea (my favorite). What good are rules if you can't bend them a little?

And here is the cool gift bag I received . . . with perfectly matching FQs.

Now all that's left is to decide which way to go: traditional? artsy? whimsical? classic? I know I have to pick a direction soon and get busy.


Gemia said...

The gift bag idea is very cute.

Our house in Chicago is 2 blocks from Frank Lloyd Wright's Home and Studio in Oak Park; his architecture is everywhere around us there. Here in Australia that style developed as what is called "Federation" architecture - but it, California bungalow and Prairie all have the same roots.

sophie said...

When I lived in the SF bay area, I thought all those California craftsman bungalows were unique to the area, too. Even without the benefit of TV and the internet, it seems this design movement spread around the world.

cathy said...

I love some of the homes from that time period. Our house is a small cape cod. I don't mind it being small - I consider it cozy - but I do wish I had a little more storage area. I hope we get to see the final product from your gift bag.

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