Thursday, February 22, 2007

Birthday Blocks

My small group is exchanging birthday blocks (of the birthday girl's choice) this year. Here are my blocks for January, February, March.

Birthday block for Danita Birthday block for Carmella Birthday block for Nancy

The basket block was Danita's choice. Carmella took a chance and let us make blocks of our choice (in colors of our choice) that were either appliqu├ęd or pieced (based on drawing slips of paper). Nancy asked for batik stars on white-on-white backgrounds.

I didn't get to see the other basket blocks, but I got a peek at Carmella's set on Monday, at the sew-in at her house.

Carmella's Birthday Blocks

Quite an interesting set of blocks, isn't it?


Michael said...
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Christine Thresh said...

I miss checking your blog for a day, and wow you've been busy! Fun to look at everything.

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