Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Art of Music

Last Friday, I went with friends to the opening of the Michigan Quilt Artists Invitational. The theme for quilts this year was The Art of Music. It was fun to see how many different ways the artists interpreted the theme in a 20 inch by 24 inch quilt.

I am a sucker for graphic design, so it's no surprise that I loved Ode to Sousa by Joan Potter Thomas.

Ode to Sousa

. . . and Cindy Mielock's guitar quilt, titled Killing Me Softly.

Killing Me Softly
The photo is skewed–because a pillar in the gallery made it impossible to get a nice square shot–the quilt is not. I love so much about this quilt.

Everyone, including me, also loved the irreverent Night on Bald Mountain, by Janna Rust-Getsin.

Night on Bald Mountain

Modest Mussorgsky, the composer of St. John's Night on Bald Mountain, was also represented in another quilt at the show, Promenade with Mussorgsky, by Barbara Kilbourn.

Promenade with Mussorgsky

Modern composers and their music were also represented. I confess someone else had to tell me the profile on The Art of Rock and Roll by Nancy Brooks-Siebert, belonged to Bob Dylan

The Art of Rock & Roll

. . . but, I immediately identified the imagery in Mary Andrews' quilt, Grateful Dead, Grateful Life.

Grateful Dead, Grateful Life

I could keep going on (and on) about the quilts I liked–for their clever or punny titles, beautiful technique, interesting embellishments. All my photos from the event are in my Flickr set The Art of Music–grab a cuppa and see what you like.


katelnorth said...

well, i'm a fairly big Dylan fan, and i'm not sure i would have recognised the profile, so don't worry. i would, however, have recognised the bears in the next quilt, also being somewhat of a deadhead.

Christine Thresh said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again. I love it when you post pictures -- you have a good eye for eye candy.

Christine Thresh said...

The quilt "Promenade with Mussorgsky" looks so similar to Seurat's painting "Sunday Afternoon at La Grande Jatte." I wonder if there is a connection? There is a reference to "Sunday Afternoon" on my blog at: http://winnowings.blogspot.com/2007/08/georges-seurats-sunday-afternoon.html

Scrapmaker said...

What a great show! Thanks for sharing your photos. Jen

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