Thursday, March 11, 2010

Preview Night

Best of Show is AnnouncedPreview night at the Dallas Quilt Celebration begins with thank yous to the show committee chairs–I learned tonight that this show is one of the largest volunteer-produced quilt shows in the country–followed by presentations of the judges and their judge's choice selections, along with the Pride of Dallas award (curiously won by a quilter from HOUSTON, Texas). These quilts aren't presented to the assembled crowd, and none of the winning quilters were in attendance, which is a bit anti-climatic, but, happily the Best of Show Quilt was presented to the crowd.

Best of Show winner at Dallas Quilt Celebration 2010 is Brown Birds Lullabye, made by Sally Magee of Heath, Texas. No photo can do it justice . . . you're really going to have to see all the incredible appliqué and Broderie Perse for yourself to appreciate it.

Here it is hanging in the show, followed by a detail photo.

Brown Bird's Lullabye

Detail from Brown Bird's Lullabye

I'm planning to go back to the show–I'll be making my best effort to avoid the vendor booths because, despite assurances I haven't seen any sign of movement from the State of Michigan–and will have more photos to share, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here are the winners from the guild's  block challenge, Texas Boots, Baltimore Style. I wanted to make a block for this challenge, but had a hard time soering out what to do with my cowboy boot–one of the requirements–to make it Baltimore Style.  Maybe, I just haven't lived in Texas long enough . . . clearly, the winners had no problem ;-)

Tonya Littman's block won first place.

Texas Boots Baltimore Style Block by Tonya Littman

Second and third place were won by Paticia Kopeck (left) and Judy Kriehn.

Texas Boots Baltimore Style Block by Paticia Kopeck Texas Boots Baltimore Style Block by Judy Kriehn

Honorable Mention went to Cathy Bradley (left) and Marsha Senisel.

FYI, each year, the challenge blocks are made into "Keeper Quilts" which are guild quilts. All of the keeper quilts are being displayed at the show this year.

As I walked around tonight, the Pride of Dallas winner was one of the quilts that grabbed me, too. This miniature, Mission Impossible 2, was made by Komiko Frydl of HOUSTON, Texas

Mission Impossible 2

Notice that pin (holding the ribbon with the label and award ribbons)  in the lower right corner to get an idea of the scale of this incredible quilt.  Those are 128 point Mariner's Compass blocks.  The last ring of points is so fine, it looks like it has to be drawn or painted in ... but it's not.

I enjoyed the quilts, to be sure, but I have to admit that the thrill of the evening for me was running into Patricia Campbell and John.  I can't help but smile at the fact that John remembered that cold January in Ann Arbor, Michigan, more than a few years ago, when Pat was the guest lecturer of the Ann Arbor Guild.  Walking around last night, I realized that the two people who really taught me the fine points of appliqué were both there last night: Pat and Charlotte Warr-Andersen, who is one of the judges for the show.  I was feeling both incredibly grateful to both of them while also realizing that since their workshops, I'd come a long way baby ;-)

If you're headed to the quilt show this weekend, let me know and I'll look for you.  Depending on what the morning brings, I'm planning to head back tomorrow and connect with Michelle and her mom, whoa re driving down from Oklahoma for the day.


Debra said...

Clearly I didn't get it together this year . . . enjoy!

Love the cowboy boots!

Tapestry Tree said...

Sophie, thanks for posting about the show. My husband and I are headed there this morning and I am so excited to see everything that I can hardly wait. Maybe we'll run into you there!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Do we know who the Austin quilter is?
Thanks for posting the pictures! I wish I was there to see the show!!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

duh, I mean, Houston, is the pride of Dallas winner that miniature ? I saw it in the Houston show, it is pretty incredible...

Christine Thresh said...

I love it when you take me to quilt shows.

lj_cox said...

I love the first place Baltimore boot! It's a perfect Baltimore, TX block, really captures the spirit of both.

Re the miniature compass quilt, I saw another variant of that in the Paducah show last year, with roses appliqued in the 'sashing'. Very cool, and what made me notice it was the fact that the first time I saw that pattern was years ago in Quiltmaker Magazine, when they featured a full sized quilt with identical mariner's compass blocks bordered with applique roses.

Quilter In Paradise said...

thanks for sharing! I hope to make it Sunday -
Beth Patrick

Barbara C said...

Thanks for posting these photos. It's a real treat to see such impressive work. Enjoy the show.

debbiet said...

Wow great pictures wish I could have been there this year too!
Debbie T.

jenclair said...

Wish I could have attended! The boots are SO Texas!

Candace said...

You must have had such a good time. Thanks for sharing, everything is wonderful.

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