Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Robots Have Invaded My Loft

Detail of Main Fabric These charming robots came from the main fabric in my Downy Touch of Comfort quilt kit.

When I heard, in a Downy TV commercial, that they contributed to comfort quilts for kids, I was curious to  find out exactly what they meant by that.  It turns out that they have signed on as a sponsor for the organization Quilts for Kids which began a few years ago, trying to use up fabric that was ending up in landfills. With Downy as a new sponsor, they have set a big goal for this project: 10,000 quilts!

The kits come with pre-cut fabrics, directions and even a label.  You add the batting and thread, some of your time, a little of your love and it's a quilt.

Quilts for Kids Package

You can check out the program on their website, linked above. If you already know you want to help or request a kit of your own, head straight to the Volunteer page.

The organization asks that you consider making a second quilt from your own fabrics, too . . . and that is my plan. Someone shared some leftover novelty fabrics for boys a while ago and they'll become my second quilt.

Speaking of robots . . . if you haven't yet been introduced to Amy Flynn's fobots, they're definitely worth a click.  The name Fobots comes from found object robots. They've completely charmed me and are on my "after I have disposable income again" list.  Tonight, some of them are making an appearance on Ugly Betty, on the shelves in the hallway between the reception desk and the rest of the office. (I guess their art director was charmed by them, too ;-)


lj_cox said...

That's pretty neat fabric, and a neat idea, too.

Dara said...

Sophie, I just requested a kit from the Downy site. Thanks for spreading the word!

Gail said...

Hi Sophie,
Thanks for this post! I have some fabric to donate, so I've emailed them.
Good for you for helping this worthwhile cause.
Gail (from Block Lotto)

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