Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Words . . . About the Infinite Variety Exhibit

If Joanna Rose's red & white quilts have captured your imagination, you might want to read what others have had to say:

Simon Schama in the Financial Times
James Barron in the New York Times
Katherine Clarke in the Wall Street Journal
Marlon Bishop on WNBC
Lizzie Crocker in The Daily Beast
Angela Riechers in Metropolis Magazine
Samuel Parker in The Last Magazine
Alice Dana Spencer in Handeye Magazine
Martha Stewart on The Martha Blog
Paddy Johnson on Art Fag City
James Andrew on What is James Wearing
BWW News Desk on Broadway

I believe the exhibit will turn out to have an important impact on quilts and quilt exhibits, both because of the wonderful exhibit design and the treatment of these sometimes quite simply made quilts as art.

Speaking of exhibit design,  since I've been home, I've read that the circular nature of the pavillions created as part of the exhibit are a nod to the quilting circles and bees, also more literally represented by the chairs, draped with quilts at the center of the show.  I like that idea.

Red & White quilts on chairs


Pokey said...

This has to be spectacular in person, Sophie! It's cool that you got to go....

Gail in Vegas said...

Thanks for post the links to articles about the exhibit. Who would have ever thought the Financial Times would have an article about quilts?!
Your photos have been a treat for those of us who could not make it to the exhibit.
Gail in Vegas

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