Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Words on Quilts

I love words on quilts and, apparently, so does Joanna Rose, as there were many quilts with words as well as signature quilts from her collection in Infinite Variety.

Red & White quilt

Many people stood looking up at this quilt for a while, puzzling out it's meaning ... happily satisfied when they saw the names, pieced from small hexagons inside the larger ones.

Red & White signature quiltHere are a couple more of my photos of a couple of the word quilts and signature quilts from the show (as usual, click for a larger image)

On the redwork quilt on the left, names are embroidered on the embroidered blades of a fan–just like one you might have had as a child (I did).

On the detail photo of the "signed" schoolhouse quilt below right, it was interesting to see how some blocks only had a few names and others, like you can see, were covered with names on both the red and white areas of the block.

Red & White quilt Red & White Signature quilt detail 

I think all the young, modern quilters must have especially loved all the "hexie" quilts in the collection.  The quilt below was constructed completely from itty bitty hexagons, even the big white background areas.

Red & White Hexagon quilt 

(last photo from the iPhone app, because I had to include it ;-)


Creating Trouble said...

Wow - some amazing quilts! I love how intricate these are.

Ginny said...

It was so great, wasn't it? Sorry we didn't get to meet, but next time for sure!

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