Saturday, September 08, 2012

Only in New Mexico?

I've never seen a truck like thisI followed this truck down the road today. I wondered if it was an only in New Mexico kind of thing.

I've never seen anything like it, but neither have I ever thought about how one would gently move a bunch of red chile ristrasIt seemed pretty ingenious to me.

I was on my way to the Farmer's market at the Rail Yard.  I thought maybe he was, too, but soon after I took this photo, he headed in another direction.

Here's a better look at what he was towing behind him.

And look what was in the trailerDespite a chilly 50-degree morning and the diminished numbers of tourists around town, the market was probably more crowded than ever. Although there was lots of wonderful produce, baked goods, jams, cheeses, etc., New Mexico chiles were the stars of the day. You could smell them being roasted all over the market. I realized that I need to up my chile education–I saw varieties I didn't recognize and heard people using names I don't know ... yet.

I plan to buy a my own big 25 pound bag, have them roasted when I have time to peel them, seed them and freeze them, but in the meantime, I bought a small bag of some that are ready to use.

Here are some photos from my morning:

Farmer's Market Roasting Chiles Amazing Tomatoes

Raven Redfox More than Chiles Bags of Roasted Chiles

An impromtu talk on how to build your own roaster Yum Breakfast at the Flying Star

After I filled my tote with heirloom tomatoes, leeks, broccolini, plums, basil,  summer squash, zucchini, rutabagas, eggs, 2 kinds of locally made goat cheese, walnut bread (perfect for one of the cheeses) and the best balm/lotion I've found since moving to the high desert.  When my shopping was done, I had a late breakfast at the nearby Flying Star Cafe... then came home to start re-arranging my new studio space (again.)


lj_cox said...

Oh, yum. I'm hungry now!

cambric cotton said...

What a wonderful market, and I can just imagine biting into a slice of walnut bread with goats cheese, yummy.

Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

great pics! loved seeing all those chilis

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh that breakfast looks so good! I never have seen anything like those chilies being trucked down the highway, or those things in the trailer. I hope you are getting all settled in and enjoying your new place. Looks like the kitties are! (I enjoyed the post about them. Too cute!)

I had to try four times before I got the "prove you are not a robot" right.

Barbara C said...

Great pictures, I could almost smell the chiles roasting.

squishedlizard said...

I'm so happy I found your blog!

I'm a dislocated Santa Fean, and a former fabric artist. I love reading your posts, and I especially love this one about the ristra truck! I never thought about how they are transported.

Keep up the writing!

cq4fun said...

Well, ristras are pretty much a NM thing. I might see a few in Arizona, but NM, lots and lots. I never saw them being moved like this, either, but it makes sense!

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