Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two Quilts That Can Finally Be Revealed

Tiny Strings - My Little Quilt
It's been a while since I shared the little quilt that I made for Kate's annual swap of little quilts.

I named it Little Strings, for the tiny string-pieced triangles.

Now that all the swapped quilts have been received, I can share the quilt I received in the swap, made by none other than Kate herself: 

You can see all the quilts with information about who made them and to whom they went to in the swap in the Grand Reveal on the blog for Another Little Quilt Swap.

In the Cotton Robin group last summer, one of the round robin quilts took the longest trip ever reaching its destination (literally on a slow boat from Canada to New Zealand).  When all seemed lost, a replacement quilt was started and then, when the wayward quilt arrived,  a group of us decided to use it as a center and make a round robin quilt for Julie, our fearless leader.

By the time I received the quilt from Rachel, it had already passed through the hands of five quilters and looked like this:

Julie's Quilt-in-progress - what I received

At this point, it measured approximately 43 by 59-inches. The rounds seemed to be wider and wider and I felt my challenge was to add something narrower that was still graphically strong. I decided to continue using the dark blue that Rachel had added to border her beautiful appliqué rows and to add colors from the center. After I added my round, it looked like this:

Julie's Quilt-in-progress with my Round added

After me,  Tami and Laurina added borders, Nan quilted the quilt and Jay added the label and binding and it looked like this:

The finished quilt is approximately 70-inches square, large enough to wrap up and feel appreciated.

I love the little quilts we make as part of the Cotton Robin and can't wait until next month when the last quilt will arrive, ready to be backed and quilted, but it was fun to work on this quilt with many rounds.


joe tulips said...

No school today. That meant I could slowly enjoy the link of all the mini quilts made for the swap. The big round robin is a treasure. You guys did a wonderful job.

A Nudge said...

What a gorgeous quilt you made for Julie - it is fabulous!

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