Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fabric Gardens

One of the nice surprises at the Out of the Box quilt show in Houghton Lake was an exhibit of Debra Danko's wonderful flower quilts. This is a detail from Hibiscus.

Hibiscus (detail)

I've seen many of these quilts before, but this was, for me, an opportunity to really look beyond the beautiful images and examine the details of the artist's alchemy and how she uses fabric, textile paint and thread (after taking a class with her and with a better understanding of what to look for).

Here is another detail photo, from Yellow Rosebuds.

Yellow Rosebuds (detail)

In a show where few quilts were hung well, it was fantastic to see Danko's Trumpet Lilies hung so that you could see the transparency in the dark chiffon background--at least you could in person.

Trumpet Lillies

All my photos from the Fabric Gardens exhibit are featured in the Quilt Show Flickr badge in the side bar. You can also find them in my flickr album, tagged with fabricgardens.


Debra Dixon said...

Beautiful flowers! that last one of the Lily is fabulous! I would love to have that!

sophie said...

The dark background of the Trmpet Lillies quilt is chiffon--it was hung at the show so you could actually see through it (my camera did not capture that transparency, unfortunately. This quilt won a prize in Paducah a couple years ago--I'd love to own it, too ;-)

Kay said...

I'm not familiar with Danko's work. It's lovely. I also enjoyed the show photographs. Some interesting quilts in this show.

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