Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Houghton Lake Show

Despite a few organizational glitches and a lack of promotion that produced a small crowd for the vendors, last weekend, spent at the Houghton Lake quilt show, Out of the Box, was a pretty perfect quilt weekend.

I drove up with a friend and stayed in a hotel on the lake that was only minutes away from the show and workshops.

Besides the Debbie Danko quilts, the travelling exhibits of Woman of Biblical Proportions and Men of Biblical Proportions were there, as well as about 100 quilts made by local quilters. I was impressed with how much hand applique, hand piecing and hand quilting I saw in these quilts.

This quilt, Beauty of Milan, is based on a photo of an 19th Century Aubusson carpet and is made entirely by hand.

Beauty of Milan

The description says that it is only the SECOND completed quilt made by it's maker--the first was another show-stopper based on Cinderella--and that she worked on it, off and on, for 14 years. Quilters joke about their forever projects. Here's proof that some forever projects are finished.

For detail photos of the applique, Broderie Perse, trapunto and quilting, as well as the rest of my photos from this show, hop over to my Flickr set, Out of the Box 2006.

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PaigeTurner said...

WOW! you've been a busy girl, soph! Lots of great stuff on your blog lately! Thanks for posting all those great quilt pix--I feel like I attended the show myself!

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