Wednesday, August 23, 2006

WIP Wednesdays

Since I'm not very good about blogging regularly or sharing my work in progress, I thought to start checking in, once a week and sharing whatever it is I'm working on, in whatever state it exists.

In June, I swapped some Stretched Stars blocks and, last weekend, when a friend invited me over for breakfast and a day of sewing, I thought the time was ripe to make the extra blocks I wanted to make a small quilt.

Stretched Star Blocks

Here they are on the design wall at the end of the day. I had decided to add some yellow, some green and some more red stars and I like how it looks . . . except now I think it needs more yellow more green and maybe some orange stars added to the mix. This small quilt is growing . . . and I haven't even decided whether to sash these blocks or not.

Anyone want to join me for WIP Wednesdays and share whatever they're working on or thinking about today?


Rian said...

I think WIP Wednesday is a great idea! I also agree that a couple more yellow and green stars wouldn't hurt, but I sure like it just the way it is.

sophie said...

Expect a WIP Wednesdays button soon ... and a push to join me ;-)

As for the star quilt, I think part of me just wants to make a bigger quilt, maybe an oversized throw, at least.

DebbyMc said...

I love your stars, Sophie. I have a UFO in a box somewhere in this pattern...from back in my blue and white phase...Maybe I'll run across it in my sewing room shift...which is the project I am working on this particular Wed...and probably a few nmore Wednesdays to come! As for sewing, I am almost finished hand piecing an outside triangle on my Jane Stickle quilt which will leave me with only 5 more to go when it is done...which it will be tonight...Wed WIP is a great idea...=-)

Debra Dixon said...

I think you should introduce this idea to the Quilt Studio forum and let's get others sharing their Wed work too.

Count me in!

catsmum said...

yup I'd be in on WIP Wednesdays. I host a UFO day at my property several times a year so why not a cyber one? Button please!!

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