Thursday, October 26, 2006

Works in Progress

When I was packing and moving and unpacking last month, I realized just how many UFOs I have–suddenly my stash didn't seem so large because I seem to have just as many boxes of finished and almost finished tops, sets of swap blocks, unfinished class projects and other works in progress.

Here's an oldie but goodie.

Christmas Scrappy Stars
60 inch square throw

The scrappy 4-patch stars were from a swap I hosted another time that *life* happened to the swap hostess . . . me. The blocks arrived at my house in California not long before I had to drop everything and fly to Michigan because my dad was in the CCU with a mystery illness adn was failing fast. Although I did send a note to my swappers letting them know what was going on, and another, the following week, when I was still in Michigan, one swapper kept insisting that someone return her blocks immediately. At the same time, she sent accusatory emails to the powers that be and so I was getting demanding email messages from them, too, adding to my already frightened and stressed out existence.

Yes, sometimes *life* happens to the swap hostess.

The backing is also pieced and ready to go. Can I finally finish it in time for the holidays and leave the memory of that selfish, mean-spirited person behind?


Jane Ann said...

Ummm, I think if you finish it you should send it on to me. You KNOW it's going to have a bad karma*chi*mojo*whatEVER-you-call-it for you, so you just need to get rid of it (preferably after it's finished, but we won't quibble).

The fact that I am a red and green freak has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my generous offer.

Barbara C said...

Your red quilt is fabulous. If the mojo is still radiating on Jane Ann when she gets it, she can pass it on to me. What vibrant colors and design. I'm drooling

sophie said...

You are making me smile. Thanks. Keep that up and I'll have a happy set of connections to this piece in no time. I remember thinking that the guidelines (MY guidelines) for this swap were too open ... I'm glad to hear the approval for this almost out of control scrappy quilt. (It even has a lot of BLUE in it).

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