Saturday, December 30, 2006

More on Book Tower

Book Tower

Jane Ann commented that there is a much larger version of the Kubach-Wilmsen Book Tower in Nashville. This one is 10-to-12 feet high, probably too large to have been a maquette for its big brother at the Nashville Public Library. I went back and looked at the photo I'd taken of the label for the piece and learned that the couple known collectively as Kubach-Wilsen are noted for their carved stone stone sculptures of varied scale and stone from quarries worldwide. I let my fingers walk over to google and found an even smaller example in the collection of Art Enterprises Limited. It consists of 7 miniature stone books and is only 4" by 12" x 18".

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Jane Ann said...

Very interesting, Sophie! It's hard to tell from your photo that "your" book stack is as tall as you describe. Maybe I'll get downtown soon and I'll post a picture of ours. It's just funny to me that you posted yours, because as much as I love every single cubic inch of our fabulous library, it's the book stack on the corner that just reaches over and clutches me each time I see it. (Maybe because the library site is very urban--no imposing stairway approach to the door. It's just a wide sidewalk's width from curb to door, so the view of the book stack is very up-close and personal.)

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