Thursday, February 22, 2007

Objects, Finished, Unfinished and Almost Finished

Yesterday, a box from Deb G. arrived ... containing the first of three quilts I am binding for the Quilt Studio Ring's 40 Quilt Service Project. All it needs is a binding and a label and I'll be sending it on to Amy to take to The Children's Inn in Bethesda Maryland. It's a charming quilt and the quilting is fantastic.

Kids Quilt

Here's the WIP QOV I mentioned earlier today. Several of us in my small group brought them home to finish.

QOV in Progress

And here's a--can you believe it--finished object: the Wacky Westerner's silent auction quilt. All the blocks were made before I joined the group, so I volunteered to do the binding. There are also a couple of detail shots of the cowboy's face and Coreen's quilting in my flicker album, here and here.

Wild Wacky Westerners Quilt


Suze said...

The cowboy quilt is really cute!

sophie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helen said...

Love the Wacky Western quilt! Looks fantastic, brought a smile to my face! :)

Samantha said...

What a fun bunch of quilts! The western one is especially great- must be a fun group!

jenclair said...

Love the Cowboy quilt!

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