Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quilting Bee & Tractor Pull

On the President's day holiday, my small group met at Carmella's lovely house to continue our work on Quilts of Valor.

Ironing in the Kitchen Auditioning fabrics and block placement

I didn't get many photos--I was too busy sewing. Click any of these for the larger versions.

We finished two more tops and ended the day with several more WIPs--one came home with me ... and will be one of the things I share in my belated WIP Wednesday post soon.

Finished top Another finished top

We also finished up our quilt for the Guild's silent auction and the raffle quilt for the American Cancer society.

It was a perfect, beautiful, sunny winter day. We enjoyed a great potluck lunch. Around four o'clock, we packed up and were ready to head out ...

Then the excitement began. While backing down the driveway, Nancy's car went off the long driveway and into a snow-filled ditch. Only Alicia had left before her; the rest of us were around and tried to help ... without success.

In the Ditch

After trying and failing the usual approaches of putting something under the wheels, rocking the car, digging out some of the snow under the car ... it was Carmella's son to the rescue.

To the rescue Boy and Dog

Boy and dog really seemed to be enjoying this more than the rest of us ...

I missed the beauty shot, because when all the wheels were spinning and going no where and it wasn't looking promising ... I slipped inside to see Carmen's Birthday Blocks, laid out on the living room floor. When I came out, Nancy's car was out of the ditch and chains were being removed.

Out of the Ditch

And there were smiles all around.

Face of Victory


Suze said...

Those are some nice looking quilts! Sounds like you had a nice day too.
...but the 'tractor pull adventure' makes me REALLY GLAD I don't live anywhere where that white stuff accumulates on the ground (it might come down on a rare occasion, but it doesn't stick!)

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

That's a quilter's dream combination...tractors and quilting...ahh the wonder of it all.

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