Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ah Summer ...

Of course, it's not officially summer yet, but today was a picture perfect Summer day, complete with blue skies, puffly white clouds and green all around. It was a perfect day for a ROAD TRIP to NQA's quilt show in Columbus.

As soon as the weather turns warm in Michigan and Ohio, it seems there's at least two choices for doing something quilty on any given weekend. This is my first trip to NQA--for the first time I didn't have a conflict, so I decided to check it out.

There was only one little snag. Summer isn't just the season for Quilt Shows around here, it's also prime time for road construction. I knew there was headache of a construction project on US-23 between me and Ohio--a project so major it ha its own web page--so I let my fingers do the walking to AAA's online triptick site. I kept modifying my route going wider and wider around this project, then avoiding another in Ohio, until I had added nearly an hour to my trip ... I made such a big circle around the hot spots that I ended up driving through Indiana ;-)

The drive along the turnpike across norther Indiana and Ohio is very pastoral, passing through farmland with green fields filled with baby corn plants and neat, white-washed, farmhouses and barns. (sorry, no photos ... I was driving.)

Of course, eventually the countryside faded away and I found myself, in the city with a million other cars in the afternoon commute, curiously also on US-23.

For the most part, I avoided the dreaded orange barrels and construction delays. I knew I was almost at my destination when I saw this landmark.

Mona Mural

Isn't she fabulous? She surprised me because I didn't expect to see her reclining. Here's a longer view of Mona and the critical turn at the alley.

Monal Mural


Christine Thresh said...

What a landmark. I love it. Thanks for showing us something unexpected.

Samantha said...

hope you had fun! thanks for sharing the reclined mona lisa- that's too fun!

Deb Hardman said...

Very cool picture.

In Alaska they say we have 2 seasons, winter & road construction.

I like what you started in your Jane Sasseman class. I'm afraid I flunked her class. But I enjoyed it anyway!

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