Friday, June 15, 2007

Making Fabric

Here are some quilts from NQA 2007 with surface design techniques that made me want to go home and try ...

All the color in this quilt, Morning Glory, by Irena Bluhn of Little Elm, Texas, was added to the surface using colored pencils and textile medium, AFTER the quilting was complete.

Morning Glory

I especially loved the feathers and the background, created by quilting freehand with green thread.

Detail from Morning Glory Detail from Morning Glory

In Signs of Spring, by Susan O. Schaller of Dayton, Ohio, the flowers and leaves were added AFTER the top was pieced, using freezer paper stencils and Shiva Paintstiks.

Signs of Spring

Detail from Signs of SpringHere's the detail of the stenciled design. The quilt was further embellished with crystals and Lumiere paint--sorry for the flash on the crystals.

Bend, made by R. Muncie George of Muncie Indiana and quilted by Doris Goins, used discharge fabric to create design.


Detail from Bend
Here's a detail of the discharged leaf design. You can see how the same fabric, un-discharged is used between the discharged fabrics.

I think photo transfer is an interesting technique, but rarely see it as well integrated into the design of the quilt as in this quilt, I-Spy, by Phyllis Manley of Bromall, Pennsylvania

I Spy

Lift the red flaps, like the white glover in the left photo, and you find pockets containing photographs and music plays. It was very entertaining . . . but it was the fabric printed with pairs of eyes that really impressed me.

Detail of I SpyDetail of I Spy

This is an I-Spy quilt on many levels ;-)


Debra Dixon said...

Very cool quilts! I really like the fern leave discharged one. I played with that idea on a very small level and liked the results a lot.

The Calico Cat said...

EWWW the eyeballs creeped me out...

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