Friday, June 05, 2009

My Name is Sophie and I am a Lapsed Blogger

Early this morning, Neka, a newly met friend and fellow job hunter–recently moved to Dallas from Ohio–sent me this, in an email message:
LOL! Just thinking someone needs to hire us...we're "work-a-holics"...when we're not networking, we're on the computer late at night and real early in the morning. This will come to an end soon. :)
Whether you refer to it as being "pre-employed," as one of the large DFW career transition groups prefers, unemployed, or–my personal favorite–on the hunt, looking for a job easily consumes more time and energy than any job I have ever had and I've worked in some pretty intense start-ups . . . as a consequence, quilting, knitting, and blogging about quilting, knitting and other fun things have fallen by the wayside.

. . . and yet, lately I find myself thinking about blogging about my job hunt, as a way to share the information I find with my fellow hunters and let my friends and readers see what I'm up to . . . which is sometimes interesting even if it isn't creative and filled with fiber eye candy.

Of course, I'd still need to find the time . . . and this morning, I found the answer, on Jodie's Ric-Rac blog. Crafters are the most creative problem solver's aren't they? All I really need is a Craft Clock.

As Jodie says,
When everyone around is flagging at 11pm - you can keep on rockin' through until 13 or 14 O'Clock and still get plenty of beauty sleep.
See more images of her wonderful answer to time management here: In All Good Stores.


lj_cox said...

I love it! Especially how the numbers get closer together in those "extra hours".

Unknown said...

I was beginning to wonder if Dallas had just kidnapped you! When I realized you really had no posts on here for a LOOOONG time, i just worried, as someone who has done lottos and swaps with you for a long time. Glad to hear you're ok if still unemployed, like everyone else.


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