Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Work a Square in Red

Participants of Kirsty's Quilt Project were asked to work a square in red. The result was a modern twist on traditional redwork.

After hours of handwork by each of the participants the squares were posted to Melbourne where they were photographed & assembled into a temporary quilt.

Displayed for one night the quilt squares are now being returned to their creators or swapped.

It's hard to pick a favorite block from this collective creative, but here are a couple of mine.

Go check out the entire virtual quilt on The Quilt Project blog here. Click the individual squares for larger images and information about the makers . . . and, in some cases, links to the patterns. The Quilt Project was initiated in Melbourne by Kirsty from kootoyoo.

. . . and while I have your attention . . . I have an interview later this week with a company at the top of my dream list. If you are so inclined, all prayers, good vibes and crossed fingers would be much appreciated.


Christine Thresh said...

Okay, prayers and good vibes are being sent your way.
I can't cross my fingers -- I am typing.

Barbara C said...

I'll add the crossed fingers and job mojo. Good luck!

Kim D. said...

Great Quilts, thanks for sharing. Good luck on your interview.

Rian said...

Go get 'em, Tiger! Be fabulous! And good luck...oh, and I loved the redwork squares, all of em.

Béa said...

Ok fingers crossed and good luck from France. Kiss !

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