Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Growing Roses ... on the Design Wall

When I was thinking about how to set all the wonderful liberated love letters word blocks I won in the February Block Lotto, I started thinking about adding another color and then got the idea to make a pieced rose border . . . so I made these blocks yesterday afternoon to use to audition my idea.

First free-pieced roses

I think that even if I hate the combination of these blocks with the words, they'll make a sweet little girl's quilt. 

There has also been a dozen of the lotto blocks for April on the wall as I made samples, wrote directions and tested the limits of my guidelines . . . but I can't share those until April 1. The sneak peekers have made and shared photos of another three dozen so far, so the virtual design wall is already well underway.

Be sure to visit Judy's Blog and follow the Design Wall Monday links to see what other quilters are working on this week.

Edited to add . . .  I just read this interesting article about long-haul truckers who are picking up fabrics and yarn on the Wall Street Journal website:

Idle Pastime: In Off hours, Truckers Pick up Stitching

When they talk about quilting and knitting, they sound just like any other fiber-addicted artist:

"Oh, there's many a time you're just going down the road at O-dark-thirty in the morning and you just start thinking about a particular pattern."
Quilting, he said, "gives you a little bit of ownership. You've actually accomplished something with your time off."
And this from a knitter:
"The fact that you can take strands of thread and basically make something out of it, that's awesome I think," he said. "It's pretty cool stuff, man."
Reading about how one guy has a sewing machine and project boxes in his sleeping cabin made my itty bitty loft suddenly feel spacious ;-)


Clare said...

I love free-pieced roses and these are beautiful.

Wasn't it an amazing article. Real mean DO eat quiche LOL!

sophie said...

I think real men do whatever they want, even if it's knitting and quilting ;-)

Diane said...

your roses blocks are great and I agree if they don't work as you planned they'd be perfect for a little girl quilt.

Vivian said...

Great roses! They will make a fabulous border around the word blocks.

Great article - just goes to show creativity springs eternal in the most unexpected places. Got to share that one.

Edna said...

Your roses look great! They will be wonderful wherever you decide they want to live.

Loved the article. It seems that more modern men are getting into the traditional "women's" hobbies and its wonderful!

Cherie in St Louis said...

I, too, love your roses. The comments from the truckers are just great!

jenclair said...

Gorgeous roses! I'm off to read the article about the truckers!

Goblinf said...

very nice blog makeover Sophie! although I'm missing that lovely rolling landscape (I'm not great at change!)
brilliant article also.
and lovely lovely roses. Really interested to see how it turns out with the words
Lois Goblinf

Barbara C said...

The roses are great. I hope you like the way they look with the words, because they will make one sweet quilt.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Go Truckers!!! Beautiful fabric roses. I can smell them from here.

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