Thursday, April 01, 2010

Waste Not Want Not

The story of the scrappy red and turquoise doll quilt I finished piecing this afternoon can be easily expressed by a simple equation.

    Sophie's Wonky Fly Block #6   
+  Single Wonky Rose Block   

  Wonky Fly Doll Quilt (Top)

In the past week or so, I've been working on the April Lotto blocks and writing directions for how to create the wonky Shoo Fly blocks we're making in flower prints this month. Here are my lotto blocks, you can find many more examples on the Block Lotto blog–the sneak peekers and I have already made a total of 80 blocks for this month.

Sophie's 12 Blocks

My directions for making the 8 inch liberated-style shoo fly blocks are blogged here:

Three Ways to Wonkify a Traditional Quilt Block

After I had everything ready to go for the April Block Lotto today, I switched gears and started making the rose blocks that I shared earlier this week. As I sewed and trimmed those rose blocks, I noticed that I was accumulating a pile of small, irregular red and pink triangles and my mind kept thinking, Wonky Flies. Instead of tossing my trimmings, I put them aside and, last night I pulled out some white scraps and started piecing the small wonky shoo flies.

The scrappy shoo fly blocks are approximately 3" square . . . though none of them are actually square. All the fabrics came from the trimmed roses and my white and blue scrap bags. The top measures 18 x 24 inches. Now, I just have to decide how to quilt it.

Wonky Fly Doll Quilt (Top)

Now that I've responded to my persistent imagination, I'm headed back to the rose garden and working on more roses for my border for the love letters word quilt . . . and wondering what my creative mind will cross-polinate next.


Rian said...

These wonky shoo-fly blocks are way fun! And I do love this color scheme.

Christine Thresh said...

You do have a creative mind. I love to see what you do.
Those wonky blocks are such fun. I like the roses very much, too.

jenclair said...

Pretty, pretty!

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