Monday, August 02, 2010

And Now there are TWO Curious Cats

Grace and Johnny investigate the fireplaceGrace Hopper has convinced her brother Johnny that there is something VERY interesting about the fireplace behind the glass door, and so I now have TWO cats obsessed with it.

I think it's because she knows he has a talent for OPENING THINGS and will continue to investigate until he figures it out.

They are quite the team . . . when they aren't chasing each other around at full speed, or blissfully napping–each in one of the pair of wing chairs.

Johnny ponders how to open the glass doors
While Grace will loudly nag persistently plead until I open the doors for her for a supervised peek inside, Johnny has already started to work the corners to see if he can figure out how it opens . . . if he gets lucky, I may have to childproof my fireplace ;-)

(Yep, that's a box in the second photo.  I still have boxes–this one is empty, kept intact to be used for some future necessary organization . . . if I am going to fit into the limited space.)


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Beautiful kittie.

Kim D. said...

Such cute curious cats! I hope your getting settled in your new place. Love the roses below.

Christine Thresh said...

Are the boxes unpacked?
Let us know how you are.

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