Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Splish Splash

As I was driving home tonight, Splish Splash was the song that popped into my head.  The elevated highways on my way home had more water than I imagined could stay there without running off and when I got down to ground level . . . I felt like I was driving through a New Mexico arroyo filling with water from the downpour that is Hermine. The rain hasn't stopped for almost 24 hours and there are flood warnings in effect.

The weather forecasters predict two more days of this.  I haven't lived on the ground floor for a while and I am a little worried about flooding.  Time will tell. Stay tuned.

I am long overdue for providing my friends with an update, so since I am here:

  • Since moving to Austin, I regularly hear from recruiters about the possibility of jobs.  It's still competitive and I am no where close yet to something that feels like a "me" job, but it FEELS so much more normal for me that I am optimistic.
  • Unlike my move to Dallas, I haven't had a lot of time to explore (and blog about it) because I hit the ground running with a temp job soon after I arrived.  The pay is abysmal--my take home pay is a whole $20 more each week than my unemployment compensation--but it IS work.  The challenge is remembering that while it FEELS like I'm working, my expendable cash has not changed. It also IS a look inside a company that I thought could be an interesting fit for me.
  • On the quilting front, for me, right now, there's not much going on beyond the Block Lotto. A friend recently commissioned me to do some work . . . she owes me a photo of the project in practice . . . I will blog about it one day.   In the meantime, she's commissioned two quilts. So I will find a way to get back to quilting soon. 
  • The cats are fine, if a little changed from their stay at kitty summer camp. I'm still hoping they'll change back to the cats they were before . . .
Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and if you are in the path of Hermine yourself, be careful out there.  I nearly missed being part of an ugly accident on the way home tonight.


Clare said...

Was wondering where you had go to so glad you popped up.

It might be a temp job, but surely it's got to be better than being unemployed?

Keep safe.

Wilma Lee said...

Hope you're settling into your new home. I was wondering what you've been doing.

Debra Dixon said...

Good to hear from you!

(the word verification is funeden. . . .hmmm)

Christine Thresh said...

I am so glad you posted.
I want to know what you are doing and I worry when you don't post.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that nothing leaks! Stay safe and sound and dry too.

Barbara C said...

It's good to hear your update Sophie and to know that you feel positive about this move. I'm sure you and the cats will take awhile to get settled since you've been working.

sophie said...

oops, sorry for the delay in publishing your lovely, supportive comments. (I turned on comment moderation a few weeks ago, after the umpteenth spam comment, and forgot I needed to publish the comments now ... oops)

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