Sunday, September 19, 2010

I FINALLY Do Something Quilty in Austin

Self-ExplanatoryYesterday I attended the Austin Area Quilt Guild's show, Changing Gears.   It's probably symptomatic that it's been too long since I've attended a show, a guild meeting or anything quilty because I completely forgot to take my camera along.

I did take a few photos with my phone, including this one, named Self-Explantory, made by  Martha Tsihlas ... yes, it does say "Keep Austin Weird," a slogan that celebrates Austin's unique culture. I loved the idea of creating a "postage stamp" quilt.

You can click any of the photos for a larger image–I apologize in advance for the quality–or see a slide show of my photos from the day on Flickr, here: Austin Area Quilt Show.

It made me smile to walk around a corner and see this familiar quilt, Tree Everlasting, by Nancie Voegele, alive and in person:

Tree Everlasting

Kathleen McCrady's Folk Art Lillies, which is based on an antique quilt, also me smile. I just loved the oversized Lily placed in the too small pieced basked block ... here's a detail photo, you can see my photo of then whole quilt here.

Detail from Folk Art Lilies

Overall, I was surprised at the number of traditional quilts made from kits, but, as always, there were still many many quilts, fabric combinations, quilting designs and other details to entertain and inspire.


Debra Dixon said...

That lily in the basket is a hoot!

joe tulips said...

I was looking at your latest post and a picture caught my eye at the bottom. (you might also like these)
I love the postage stamp edge on the keep Austin weird. I am sure I will use this somewhere!
Only need to figure out would I cut the edge of the fabric or add black circles!

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