Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey, the Macy's Parade and Setting Triangle Math

My Thanksgiving morning was perfectly nostalgic. Up early to put the turkey on and make a nice breakfast. followed by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade on TV . . .  updated a bit because as I watched, I cut setting triangles and assembled a Christmas quilt top from those old swap blocks.

With a large design wall, it was a lot easier to figure out what I meant by my mysteriously coded sketch and lay out the blocks.

It seems I always have to go look up setting triangle math, whenever I put blocks on point.  I know that the magic number is the square root of 2–1.414–but I never remember what to do with it ... so off to the computer I go.

Here's how I will remember NEXT time:

  • Since I'll need MORE side triangles, I MULTIPLY the finished block size by 1.414.  Then, because I am going to cut the square into quarters, as for quarter-square-triangle units, add 1 1/4 for the seam allowances.
  • For the corners, I do the opposite and DIVIDE the finished size block by 1.414.  Because I am going to cut them diagonally in half, like half-square-triangle unites, add 7/8 inch.   
For both kinds of triangles, round the measurements to the nearest 1/8 inch ... so you can easily cut them.

For the corners, I used the twelve inch star block as the starting point.  12 / 1.414 + 7/8 = 9 3/8 inches.  Because I inserted six inch 4-patches into the side setting triangles, I used 6 in the side triangle math. 6 * 1.414 + 1 1/4 = 9 3/4.


Barbara C said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sophie! You're quite the multi-tasker making your Christmas quilt while cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. Very pretty pattern. I have to look up the side triangle recipe every time I need to use it. There's no hope I'll remember it since I have no brain parts dedicated to math calculations.

floribunda said...

I like your device for remembering whether to multiply or divide! I did make one on-point quilt a couple of years ago where I cut all the setting triangles wrong... lot's of fund having bias edges around the whole $%#@! thing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I adore those pinwheel stars; can I steal that concept? I need three Christmas lap quilts for 2012 to complete my nefarious plans (quilts for the sister and sisters-in-law.)

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Linda C

Christine Thresh said...

Thank goodness you are back.
I hope you shared your turkey.

Hilda said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Good to see you back here.

Librarynan said...

Hi, Sophie! Happy Thanksgiving
Your Christmas Quilt is lovely, nice and crisp. I made a Christmas quilt last year, but my friend Kerstin said it was a it was a bit over the top - I forgot some quiet spaces for resting your eyes... very necessary! You sure got it right with this one.
Thanks for the math, too... Setting "on Point" is always a challenge, but it is my very favorite anyway!

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