Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finished Cameo Tote

Finished Cameo tote I didn't finish in time for the guild's Show & Tell, but the large tote I made from the Sunday afternoon workshop is finished now and hanging on the door, filled with a couple projects to share with friends later today.

I hope to be able to fix her smeared "lipstick"–a side effect of choosing to use some leftover fusible batting in the bag and not carefully checking whether or not the red pen I used was, in fact, suitable for adding permanent color to fabric.  The fusing process made the red ink run. I also will probably also darken the beads in her necklace–I was going for something that would look like jade (to reflect the Asian influence in jewelry in the 1920's) and ended up with something that looks more like turquoise.

I do love doing workshops and learning new things and especially love technique classes ... but I often have a hard time finishing those small projects ... so this bag, finished a few days later feels like victory.

What do you do with those small class projects?


Debra Dixon said...

The totebag fabric has a sketchy look too so it all goes together well. I bet you use this totebag alot!

When I do workshops (which is about never) I usually finish the project in class, if possible or later in the hotel room.

lj_cox said...

How cool, it looks like a pen and ink sketch with watercolor highlights!

My class projects, unless they become central blocks in another project (three so far) languish unfinished in the ziplocks I carried to the class. I've decided I am ok with that; life's too short for guilt over unfinished samples. As long as I learned the technique, it's all good.

amusing word verify: inksms (clearly referring to the sketch - ms inks)

Wilma Lee said...

Very nice, Sophie!!!

Barbara C said...

Really pretty Sophie. Maybe she just kissed a really handsome fellow--I think you should say that's why the lipstick is smeared. The bag looks nice and roomy. I like a big project bag.

Carli The Quilter said...

Lovely Tote, great idea!

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