Friday, July 05, 2013

FYI, Feedly ...

Feedly ErrorLast night, I happened to update a bunch of apps on my iPad, including Feedly.

This morning, my plan to take my morning coffee out on the deck and catch up with the blogs I follow was foiled when I tried to log into the Feedly app.

If you use Feedly, migrated there from the "retired" Google Reader, and encounter this error, know that trying to refresh will not necessarily help.

Google made a change in their interface and so logging in using your Google account may fail depending on the device you are using.  If it happens to be an iPad or iPhone, although the fix has been made in a new update for the Feedly app, it will take a few days for Apple to test it, bless it, and make it available to those of us that need it.

You can read more about it on the Feedly blog, here:

Update Regarding "Feedly is Over Capacity Message" on iOS

In the meantime, the trick is, if you are connected, DON'T LOG OUT.

Watching the BirdsThis morning,  I enjoyed my coffee, watched the cats surveilling the neighborhood and listened to the birds singing while Johnny cackled at them and got ready to pounce if they came near.

... then I realized I was probably still connected in the Feedly app on my iPhone and could use it for reading blogs when I'm out and about until the update is available.

The photo of Johnny Be Good was taken with my iPhone.  The one below was taken a few days ago with the iPad–it's not good, but I have managed to take so few of the two of them together.  They are not unlike models–it takes a skill I don't have to take a photo in which they both look good :-)

What was that?


Ruth said...

Are you sticking with Feedly? I've been using it on my Mac (haven't bothered trying the app on my iPad or iPhone). So far I'm finding it clunky but not sure that other options are any better.

sophie said...

Ruth, I don't know if you'll see this (I don't seem to be able to find a current wmail address for you and you're a no-reply blogger). I am still using Feedly and I'm pretty happy with it. I end up mostly reading blogs on my iPad and I like the Feedly app for that.

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