Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life is a Bowl of Cherry Ice Cream

Some beautiful organic cherries at the market inspired me to make some of this today.

Cherry Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

After trying a recipe found online for Raw Chunky Monkey, I wondered if I could create something similar for one of my other favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor, Cherry Garcia.   I will probably play with the idea more,  but this first attempt was pretty good.  Here's how I made 2 generous servings ... for me, tonight and ... me, tomorrow.

Life is a Bowl of Cherries (and Chocolate) Frozen Desert

For the Ice Cream

1 cup of fresh cherries, pitted
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup no-fat greek yogurt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Blend all the Ice Cream ingredients together until smooth. 
Taste. Depending upon how ripe/sweet the fruits are, sweeten as desired.    
Pour into an ice cream maker.  
Prepare the mix-ins. 

For the Mix-Ins

1/2 cup fresh cherries,  pitted and chopped
Chocolate of your choice, chopped into chunks.  Chocolate chips would work.  The chocolate in the Raw Chunky Monkey recipe would work.  I used 2 squares from a bar of Green & Blacks Dark 70%

When the Ice Cream is about 5 minutes from being ready, add in the mix-ins.
Scoop and enjoy.

Making this treat and having the phrase, "life is a bowl of cherries," pop into my head made me head to the internet to find out where it came from ... I found this interesting quote by C. JoyBell C.

“I think that there are those who write of life being a skip on the sidewalk, a chocolate bar, a bowl of cherries... the problem with that is it ends up disappointing people. Because life is more like being on the tube in London; you never really know what could happen! But then there are those people who bring a box of chocolates to eat on the life, it isn't a skip on the sidewalk, but it is a matter of strength: "Can I bring my bowl of cherries to feast on while I stand here in the gutter?" that's the essence of life. Can you still put on your rose-colored glasses while your eyes are filled with tears, and see everything in rosy colors? That's the strength that fuels a true life. Can you think to bring your little box of chocolates with you while you sit on the tube running under the streets of London? Because you should. Because even if you don't know anybody, and you don't know what's gonna happen next, you should have your box of chocolates with you. You should eat your bowl of cherries. And that is what life is.” ― C. JoyBell C.


Katie said...

that looks delicious

Barbara said...

The ice cream looks delicious, and I like the quote too.

Kate North said...

Cherry Garcia is probably my favourite B&G flavour but somehow I've never managed to get around to making it myself, despite having an ice cream machine and a B&G ice cream "cook" book. Probably because cherry season is so short here and cherries usually so expensive... I like your quick, healthier solution, though. Sounds great!

Bridget said...

Love the quote at the end of your post. Thanks.

Paulette said...

That looks so tasty! I wonder if it would work with coconut milk instead of Greek yogurt?

momiji said...

Yum--that looks absolutely delicious!

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