Monday, September 02, 2013

Parked on my Design Wall

In the last few weeks, I seem to have lost my will to sew ... and the projects parked on my design wall reflect that.  But since there are a few new blocks (and a new block pattern), I've decided to share.

Design Wall - 2 September

More Stone FabricsFabric is cut to make more of the traditional feathered star blocks ... but I have made only minimal progress.  I joked with a friendly a while ago that I probably should re-label The Daily Feather blog as The Occasional Feather, unless I get back on track soon.

The pieced curve bird blocks are still waiting for the design idea in my head to be translated to paper.

The recently ordered charms to be used with the drunkard's path panel have arrived and  so the only thing holding me back from making progress is ... myself.

Boomer Block Pattern CoverThe tall variations of the traditional Oklahoma Boomer blocks are for the September Block Lotto.

I had a lot of fun dressing the Boomers in back-to-school clothes.

You can download the pattern from my Block Patterns page and find the guidelines we're using for the block lotto here:

September is Boom Goes-Back-to-School Month

Will I find my creative mojo in September?  As much as I don't feel like sewing, I am missing it ... so I'm hopeful.  What do you do when you just don't feel like quilting and want to restart the create urge?


Terri said...

OOOOOOOOOO Sophie, I feel your pain. I give up on projects that are having trouble, and the longer I stay away, the harder it is to go back. I thought the black, grey and white would be the colors for my brothers in laws' quilts. They are building a very industrial house in the UK and I thought those would be colors they would like. I'm still sure they will like them, if I can ever manage to finish them. It's hard to walk into the sewing room, it's quite depressing. (I really want to be working on a pink something right now.) I play games online instead of sewing... and I should be packing up stuff so we can show our house to sell it. Just no go.
The only way I get back to work from one of these slumps is to "Just Do It" as Nikki says. Just go and sit in your sewing room and sew. That works for me. Now, saying and doing are two different things. I do have fabric in the washer that needs ironing til dry. Gotta go do that.

Rhonda said...

There must be something in the air because every time I even think about touching my machine, I just can't do it. I've taken to hand embroidery in the meantime.....
Love all your projects especially the two feathered stars!!

Gail in Vegas said...

My cure for not wanting to sew is just not do it for a while until it starts calling me again. Since I love to read, that is a good thing to do instead, baking, taking walks, writing letters are all other things to enjoy.
Hope you find the sewing desire again soon!

Anonymous said...

So, I wasn't going crazy. You haven't posted lately! When I get in those moods, I just don't sew until it passes. I don't think creativity can be forced.

Bridget said...

I missed you and am glad you are back to blogging. Just received a Block of the Month pattern for feathered star, so your post was apropos.

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