Wednesday, September 04, 2013

September's Lovely Goal

Remember this almost finished effort from a couple months ago?

 Stalled ...

While I have been not quilting, sewing or otherwise creating, I think my subconscious has been thinking about a couple of these lovely works-in-progress ... and now I am ready to come back to this one and complete the design.  It's my goal for a lovely finish in September.  

If it happens quickly, I may even finish up last month's project ... as I have also worked out some border decisions in my head for this one during my creative funk. 

Flying Geese assembled

I guess even when I'm not actively sewing my brain doesn't stop solving the creative challenges in quilt design–Stay tuned to see what I've come up with to resolve these quilt designs ;-) 


Paulette said...

I am so happy to hear you may be sewing again. I don't know why we have these occasional funks, but thankfully they come and go. I've been a poor commenter of late as I try to adjust to Feedly (sometimes it simply overwhelms me, you know?).

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Kathleen C said...

I really like your funky flying geese with the scrappy triangles. Why is it that we all go through these periods of non-productivity or lack of creativity or whatever else? It's common and I think it's best to treat it as a natural time to rest, and soon the motivation comes back.

Stitch and Yarn said...

Sophie I do exactly the same thing... Put a project to one side and then the solution or next steps always present themselves when I pick it up again.
Good luck with your finishes.

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