Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Morning Progress Report

Eight Holiday Basket Blocks - in ProgressA funny thing happened when I went to pull some fabrics out of my stash to make the table quilt in my head:
  • I couldn't decide on what color I wanted the background to be–I finally decided on white-on-white. 
  • I kept changing my mind about what fabrics to use for the band and handle for the basket blocks.
  • I decided the time was right to fold and put away a basket of left over fabrics and scraps from other projects ... before I did anything else. 
It doesn't necessarily look like a lot of progress during my Friday Night Sew-in, but it's all good.  All those fabrics and scraps are put away and I moved forward making the bottom of the basket blocks and allowing myself to wait until later to make the decision about handles and bands.

Maybe I'll find some clarity, cut some fabrics and be ready for some basket handle appliqué for Slow Stitch Sunday night?


Rosie said...

Lovely work and I love the fabrics. Can't wait to see it finished.

joe tulips said...

I forgot to say I love that layout with the tall blocks! The stars would work for Christmas too!
I finally finished up my baskets for this month. Need to trim them and get a picture today. Love your Christmas ones. Hope color inspiration hits soon.

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