Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This and That and Some Work in Progress

The winner of the Fairytale tea towel–my giveaway in the Blog Party is Tammy.  Here's what she said about what she collects:

Tammy, it's on it's way to you.

Detail from Fairytale Tea Towel When I cut the tea towel yardage from Spoonflower yardage, to share with Tammy, I had the same experience that Glen blogged about here this morning.

Upon a closer look, the colors were quite different that I thought.  The shades of brown are much warmer than the grays I imagined I saw in this print.  I'm surprised, but actually happy to work with the ACTUAL colors.  Another detail I didn't notice until I saw the print in person is that the text in the background is FRENCH. I love it!

Yesterday, the snow stopped, the sun came out and I thought it was a good day to go out and about. I can't believe that winter is here, but it's hard to deny when the landscape look like this.

Winter Skies

During the snow storm, I had pulled some flannels out of my stash and put together a quick quilt using the December Lotto block, using white and red solids and a green tree print. I did some quick math based on how much of the white flannel I had.  I didn't make a decision about borders until the blocks were made ... then I decided it needed a narrow white inner border, so a trip to JoAnn was on the list of errands.  I noticed that their "deal of the day" included "50% off All Batting" ... I didn't notice, until I double checked when I was in the store, that it was a "web exclusive."  I wasn't the only one that missed it ... apparently quilters had been asking about it in the store all day long.

Turkey TamalesAfter a break for lunch–there are turkey tamales under all that cheese and green chiles on that much bigger than expected plate–I braved a quick trip into the grocery store.

 I could tell that the frenzy to collect ingredients for Thanksgiving delights had already begun.  I was happy to pick up what I needed and to get away from all those distracted shoppers wielding grocery carts.   While I was standing in the cashier's line I remembered the knitting needles I needed and forgot when I was at JoAnn.  Michael's was nearby.  I wasn't sure if they sold knitting needles, but they did and even had the size and length of circular needles I need.  Yay!

I braved a trip to the big box store and told myself that now, I would have no reason to have to shop until weekend was over.  I was a little surprised to see a display of an 80-inch TV with many boxes of them at hand–ready for Black Friday ... has that really become the norm?  I cannot imagine a room with a TV that large in it looking like anything but a movie theatre ... but who knows? Maybe I'll decide I "need" one one of these days.

6 Strips of White FlannelOnce home, the flannel fabric went into the washer.   This morning, I cut the strips and finished the top.

Here's a sneak peek - I'll share the rest after the December lotto block is announced on December 1. For now, it's my secret work in progress`.

Borders on!

Tonight, I'll be piecing a back and getting ready to finish this big snuggly flannel oversized throw.  It will be 80 inches square--big enough for two ;-)


Tammy said...

Thank you Sophie. How exciteing. I will email you to let you know when it arrives.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! Love that flannel on the block. I am always surprised at how much time running arond and doig errands takes up. Often that is all I do in a day!

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