Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bead (Block) Making in Progress

I've been working on that 6-minute circle technique.  All but three of these were made that way ...  I may now be close to actually being able to make one in 6 minutes :-)

The 7 inch (finished size) Bead-on-a-String block is the February block pattern for the Block Lotto.

You can download my free block pattern here:

Bead on a String Quilt Block Directions

The six yellow-orange-maroon blocks on the left are my blocks for the lotto.  The pink blocks on the right were made for the Rainbow Scraps Challenge (RSC) this month and will be part of a throw-size version of the Mod-Mod Quilt.  Here's how they look with last month's blue Double Chevron blocks.

This diagram shows their actual placement in the throw-size quilt.

The bead blocks are mostly sewn into rows of three and usually are adjacent to the chevron blocks.

It will be interesting to see what happens as blocks with a pre-determined placement in the quilt are made in colors chosen by Angela for the RSC.  I am beginning to see this as a color-block version of the quilt.  Even though I know what blocks are coming, I am looking forward to seeing them in colors not chosen by me.

The rest of the blocks in the middle are for a bed-sized (full/queen) version of my Mod-Mod quilt design.

Here's the diagram showing the block placement for this size and how my January and February blocks look together on the design wall.

You can find the information and layouts for all six sizes of the Mod-Mod quilt on the Block Lotto here:

February Update - Mod-Mod Quilt-Along

Edited to add some additional info about the 6 minute circle technique–if you google Dale Fleming 6-Minute Circle you’ll find links to Dale Fleming demonstrating her technique on Simply Quilts (on HGTV site) and a longer version (with other shapes and examples)  from her on The Quilt Show (if you are a member) and lots of bloggers blogging tutorials about the technique.

I'm joining the lists for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and Esther's Blog.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

OMG!I a loving this. I really need to work on this this weekend. great idea. You must be a genius. Quilt Genius. Yes. that is you!

Marie Joerger said...

Love the block this month Sophie! as well as the colors you are working with here. I am working on some as well and am looking forward to make the couch size quilt you are designing for us. Great idea!!!

Sarah @ mila+cuatro said...

I'm intrigued, this is the first time I've read about Block Lotto, and I'll definitely have to check out the six minute circles. Thanks for sharing!

Terri said...

Love your beads! Are you going to make a tutorial?

MC said...

These blocks are really cool! I don't dare think that I could do a circle in six minutes, but it seems like a great technique to try.

Constantly Quilting said...

love these blocks. will definitely be trying them out. I'm thinking of making a hometown quilt using a subway map or street map. i think this block would be perfect!
happy quilting

Constantly Quilting said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glenda said...

Oh Sophie those two block go so well together It looks like you have just made an art quilt for your home. Love it. Those two blocks work so so well together and the Chevron block reminds me of the hundreds of Zig Zags I have made and I'm still making for my Love Entwined with Esther. Thanks so much for sharing . I'm going to have to tie my hands so I don't start making these two blocks just to make a art quilt may be I will make one for a Xmas Present. Cheers Glenda Australia.

Anonymous said...

Six minutes is amazing! That Mod Quilt is going to be terrific.

Rachel said...

Oh wow this is cool.

LA Paylor said...

wow, what a terrific graphic quilt it will be. I've never seen the bead block, but love a circle.

dq said...

I really like this month's block lotto. I might get a couple sewn up this week. We shall see. I have not participated in such a long time.

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