Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Another Sunrise

Cats on the Roof at SunriseI work up so early this morning that you could almost call it last night, but felt so well-rested and refreshed, there was no going back to sleep. I know I'll probably start fading soon after dinner, but it's nice to be up and about before it's fully light.

As the sun started its daily ascent, I let the cats out on the roof deck, then went downstairs, made a latté, grabbed my camera and joined them.

I failed to get a good picture of Grace Hopper, bug hunter, in action, but it was entertaining to watch her chase down any insect that happened to be crawling or flying over the roof.  Johnny mostly just watched, being a bird man, until she had downed one of her prey ... then he went over to have a look and give it a swat himself.

This morning, I gained a little insight into why Grace usually comes inside and curls up on the quilt folded on a corner of the desk in my bedroom or on one of the wing chairs in the den and sleeps through the morning.  The little girl (cat) insect hunter really gets a good morning workout out on the roof.

Johnny, on the other hand, usually comes in side, suggests that the food bowls be topped of and then insists he needs more outside time.
Cats on the Roof
Speaking of sunrises ... Last night I stitched along with Longmire and finished another hand-pieced sunrise block for the Block Lotto.

The background of the block is a white-on-white print ... the sun isn't up enough for good natural light in the studio.

One of the differences between hand-piecing and sewing it on the machine is that you don't need to press after every seam and so instead of the familiar rhythm of sew a seam, hop over to the iron and press it, go back to the machine and sew another seam, you can sit, relax and sew.

Sophie's Sunrise Block #5

The more I play with color/fabric placement in the June lotto blocks, the more difficult it is becoming to make a decision about what I want to do in my mod-mod-sampler blocks. It's probably time to pull the blocks I have made out, put them on the wall and decide what will play nicely with the rest.


Needled Mom said...

That is the best time of the day! I love being up for the sunrise with my cup of coffee.

Bridget said...

What a great place for the cats to play....safe, yet still fun.

Terri said...

We watched Longmire last night and thought about you and LV NM. It's a pretty little town.

carla said...

Hi!!!! I love your sunrise blocks!!!!

joe tulips said...

I watched Longmire and thought of you too. I haven't started any sunrise blocks yet, only thinking about it. Sort of like a down hill skier, standing at the top of the hill going through the course in his head.

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