Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Reconstruction Zone

I've deconstructed the rest of the 12-inch HST Sampler blocks and am in the progress of figuring out how they become more 18-inch background/frames.

Re-arranging the squares is a good activity while I make a decision about what project I'll choose for my goal for a Lovely Finish in June.  I shared the first six that I finished here.

Reconstructing more Backgrounds from deconstructed blocks

These are all made from 3-inch units. I also have some 4 inch, 8 inch and lots of 2 inch bits and pieces with which to come complete these and come up with a 12th block.  I envision more cream/tan/brown HST elements as sashing.

That's what's in-progress for me this Wednesday.  I'm joining the long list for WIP Wednesday on Freshly Pieced.

I'm motivated to sew these together and finish them all up so I can start on the circle blocks that will go into the centers.  My plan is to design and sew one block a week during the 12 weeks of summer. In my head, I am thinking of it as Sophie's Summer of S_____.

I need to commit to a June goal for aLYoF soon.    If you are curious, here are the top contenders.

I have almost settled on a pick, but I considered these six projects:

  1. Turn the Good Morning/Good Night red work I stitched through the Winter Olympics into pillow covers. 
  2. Complete my Feather Bed quilt.
  3. Quilt and Finish the little Leftovers pinwheel quilt.
  4. Quilt and Finish the 2013 Block Lotto Sampler (a missed goal earlier this year).
  5. Quilt and Finish my Tea Towel Challenge quilt. 
  6. Make three Kitty softie friends for for Proto-kitty for the NNMQG's gift shop. 



Visiting from WIP Wednesday, Hope you stop by and enter my giveaway. You have alot of detail going on, so I would pick which every floats your boat at the time.. cya at Junes LYOF too..

joe tulips said...

As I look at the possibilities, the tea towel challenge sings the loudest....finish me first! Love that one!

Wendy said...

I really love what you're doing here, it's filling me with inspiration!

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