Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scattered Progress

I've been working on a brand new project, a very old project, and a couple of projects you've seen before.

I resurrected another of my moldy golden oldie UFOs–a string star quilt top–pieced a back, and pulled out the stencils I planned to use for part of the quilting design.

Marking a Golden Oldie String quilt

I don't usually mark quilts and I think my fear of trying this is what has kept it unfinished for so long.  I decided that it's time to face this particular fear ... and do it anyway. If you have a favorite tip for working with quilting stencils and/or marking a quilt, I'd love to hear it. 

Softly Crinkled after washingSpeaking of fears ... it turned out that my fear about the dyes in the backing fabric for the kids charity quilt was unfounded.

It came through the wash fine and is now softly crinkled and ready to be trimmed and bound.  I am planning to use a red tone-on-tone print for the binding.

Planning to try a new threadAll the English paper piecing and hand appliqué on my little hex project is complete and it's ready to be quilted.  I decided to try this new metallic thread from Artistic in gunmetal.

First block for a scrappy QOV quilt
I think the best excuse for starting a new project (when you have a plethora of unfinished ones like me) is to make a quilt for a good cause.  I caught up with the guilds QOV mini-group and started a quilt that will be made from blocks like this one.

Lately, I have been feeling scattered and have allowed myself to flit from one project to another ... I am hoping it will end up resulting in a bunch of different kinds.

At least it makes for an interesting WIP Wednesday update ;-)


Sewing Up A Storm said...

I love the white clover marking pens. When they first go on you do not see them till they dry.......this only takes a few seconds and then they come out with heat.........a hair dryer works really well when you are done quilting, you can also use water so if you are washing it that will work as well. I also use the blue washout markers for light, or you can use the purple ones. Just do not use soap when you launder it the first time and test on a scrap first as well to be sure it comes out (they do work for me). Your string quilt is really pretty!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I don't mark so I can't help you there. But you have made me want to go through my UFO box and redo some of them for finishes. I have to finish these 5 quilts for the Colorado boys first though.....deadline looming!

Quiltdivajulie said...

If you mark a quilt, be sure to test it first (right side v wrong side on hard-to-tell fabrics can apparently make a difference in the easy-to-remove phase - or so I'm told).

Other than that third hand info, I'm no help re marking.

Scattered - yep. That's why I've started making a monthly list. It isn't written in stone, but it sure helps keep me on track!

Anonymous said...

You had scrappy centers in the stars, so that makes it okay to start a new one. =) Pounce is a great marking system. You can either buy the kit (on the expensive side) or you can experiment with super soft sponge wrapped in flannel and try talc or chalk as a marking powder. Or you could go where sign painters get supplies and get the blue powder they use - which is exactly what's in the pounce kits, and probably blue chalk. =) If I use a pencil, I mark as I go and use a Caran D'ache gold pencil. It rubs out by the time a section is quilted. Some art stores have them or can order a box of 10 or 12 for you. I've used them for over 30 years with no problems.

Cathy said...

I use soap or chalk to mark on dark fabrics and mechanical pencil with a light touch on light fabrics.

Good luck. I love string stars!

Terri said...

I've always worked on one project at a time, but got bored and put it away. Now I'm working on 4 quilts and a word project and I feel energized. It is more interesting... of course, none are on a deadline and that really helps keep me sane. Love your projects. Especially the "feathers" with the bubbles in the cores. Beautiful!

Farm Quilter said...

Being smooth is more important then hitting your lines exactly. When the markings are gone, your quilting will look marvelous! Relax and have fun!

Karen Ackva said...

You are making progress! That is good to hear! Have on ever said you had to finish any of your projects but you. ;-)

Rebecca Grace said...

Here's one marking tip. I can't remember where I read this, but someone was saying that they could not remove marks from a certain pen, and someone else (some kind of quilting teacher authority type) was saying they can ALWAYS remove the marks. The person who can always get the marks out mentioned that she starches her quilts throughout the piecing process and then starches again when she does the final pressing of the quilt top to keep everything very stable and flat. But she said perhaps the layers of starch on her quilt top helped her to remove the markings from her quilts more easily, because the starch prevented whatever marking pen from going too deeply into the quilt fabric. Kind of like a buffer. Anyway, I can't guarantee the science of it but it makes sense to me -- and I do find it easier to mark most quilts if they are starched nice and crisp because whatever marking utensil I'm using doesn't drag against the fabric as much when the fabric is crisp.

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