Monday, March 23, 2015

Waiting for Inspiration ... on the Design Wall

Here is what's on my design wall today.

Design Wall - March 23, 2015

I have a plan for the blue star block (the first of a bunch made with the QOV mini group last week); the rest is there waiting for a plan to use them in Quilts of Valor projects.

For me, the design wall is not only a place to arrange and audition during the making of a quilt, but also a way of creating a focus of something I need/want to work on.  

Check out the other links for Design Wall Monday to see what quilters are working on and how they use their walls.


Jennifer said...

I use my design wall for the same purpose - the last project was up there for about a month until I took it down to work on it - and now I am really glad I let it percolate a while and especially glad to have it done now!

rondiquilts said...

I have a design wall that goes down the length of my basement wall. I just have all kinds of pieces hanging out there. Some are just pieces that are new patterns or techniques that I wanted to try out. One is a piece that is a solid green fabric that I tried to have orange flying geese going across. I was trying to do them freehand, wonky so they are going across the green in a wave. I have been contemplating where to go with the piece next? My husband walks by the piece one day and said "what do you have planned to do with the goldfish piece on your wall there"? I just LOVED that! He saw goldfish in that abstract piece of wonky flying geese. Tickled me to death! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this here.

Judy Hansen said...

I love your red white and blue double pinwheels. Very pretty. How big is the quilt going to be?

Karen Ackva said...

Hi Sophie! I love your idea of a design wall especially a link up. Now we all can get inspired!

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