Saturday, May 02, 2015

May Goal for a Lovely Finish

I didn't meet my goal in April (though I made a start at it and expect to finish it soon).  I was, in part, overwhelmed by commitments and ... life.

My goal for a lovely finish in May is a bit of a challenge within a challenge.   It will start with this large, in-progress Hawaiian-style appliqué block.

May Goal for #aLYoFThis project came from the estate of a quilter, donated to the local guild and sold, along with some other work-in-progress and lots of fabrics as a fundraiser for the guild at the retreat.

The appliqué was prepared by sewing it to fusible interfacing and turning it to turn under the edges.  It hasn't been stitched down, the interfacing shows in spots.   I suspect the craftsmanship and the choice of fabrics–that really is an in-your-face bright pink background–were the reasons it languished on the table unwanted while quilters scrambled to pick up more conventional (and more complete) projects.  I adopted it at the end of the third day and thought it could become the focus of a Plan B quilt that might be donated to Happy Chemo through the Hands2Help challenge which also has a deadline this month.

Updated to add that it's approximately 25 inches square.

Last night, I pulled out my collection of orphan blocks and chose some that I thought might play together nicely.

May Goal for #aLYoF

Now comes the fun of making some more elements, deciding what's in and what's out, arranging, re-arranging and putting it all together. I think it has possibilities ...


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

It must be pretty large! At first I thought it was like an 8 inch block from that first picture. It will make a nice center focus for some of those wayward blocks!

Marei said...

I'll be watching your progress on this, and looking for tips, because I have a very difficult time putting my orphans together in a manner that pleases me.

Helen Wahl said...

I have always wanted to try a Hawaiian style appliqué block.

Anonymous said...

I think it's going to be a beautiful finish. It is bright, that's for sure, and the right color for Happy Chemo. Best of luck on the finish. It will be beautiful!

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