Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another Visitor

My (indoor) cats often take me to the window and try to tell me about something that they can see, but I cannot.  Today, I spotted him (her?)

Visitor or Squatter?

As both my cats and I looked through the (dirty) window, he stared back. Johnny stood up on his hind legs, scratching at the window with an urgent need for me to open the window for him.  (It didn't happen).  When I stepped outside to try to get a better photo and see if he had a color, he took off over the fence.

This was my first real look at what I think is the third cat that regularly visits my yard and sends my cats racing from one window to another around the house so as to keep an eye on them and intimidate them as much as an indoor cat can.

I wonder if he wishes he could come inside as much as Johnny and Grace would like to get outside to take care of him?

He is definitely curious about what's inside.  I regularly see his shadow on the window shade as he perches on the side of the house outside the bedroom which has become my home office.  He also regularly leaps from the top of the fence to my roof–I suspect the metal roof on this house becomes quite warm and cozy even on a cold day. The frequency with which I hear him (and his friends) on the roof makes me wonder if I should consider them more squatters than visitors.

He looks to be healthy and well-fed.  I hope he has a warm home to return to when the sun goes down and the storms arrive.


Sewing Up A Storm said...

He is a beautiful cat! I bet your cats are really mad that he has the nerve to come near their territory. I too hope that he has a nice home out of the storm to go to after a day of visiting everyone else in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cat, I'd adopt him if he were homeless. Or she. Keeps your cats in shape, doesn't he? =) As fast as he takes off, I'd be surprised if he belongs to someone. Which doesn't mean he doesn't have a warm lair somewhere. =)

Barbara said...

We have a few of those around our place too. Sadly, they never last long if they're outdoor only because of the coyotes. My cats sometimes chase things around the house, and especially in the corners of rooms. We think they're seeing spirits.

Linda in Calif. said...

He's a beauty - and I agree he does look healthy and well fed.

Mystic Quilter said...

He/she looks a real beauty and blends into the branches pretty well. I do hope he has a loving home in your neighbourhood.

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