Saturday, January 02, 2016

Scrappy Synchronicity

I love scrappy quilts and have always looked upon both the Block Lotto and the Rainbow Scraps Challenge as wonderful motivators to use my scraps and make scrappy quilts.

This year, they are even more tied together–if only in my mind–for a couple of reasons:
  1. The fabric guidelines for the Block Lotto have been chosen based on the color of the month for the Rainbow Scraps Challenge. 
  2. I have designed 2 mystery sampler quilts–one more of a mystery than the other–that are suitable RSC projects. 
4 Blocks in SnowThis month's lotto block is a 6-inch traditional Birds in the Air block made in blue or purple with white.

As I was making my blocks, I started thinking about Angela's theme–snowflake.  She provided this beautiful snowflake inspiration. 

I was thinking that how those who live in snow and cold weather often have a different feeling about snow and snowflakes (and the freezing temperatures that are part of the equation) than those that do not. I confess that I don't think pretty blue/purple images when I think snow.

But, the idea of snowflakes as a theme, inspired me to bundle up, take my blocks outside and photograph them on my snow-frosted deck. I have new admiration for those that photograph quilts in snow without disturbing the snow ...

You can find more information about this month's Block Lotto here:

New Year, New Block and Birds in the Air

And, you can download my Birds in the Air quilt block pattern here. Using the Payhip service is something new for me, so I would appreciate hearing about your experiences.

The pattern includes traditional and alternative methods for constructing the block and cutting measurements for making the block in 7 sizes.  Check out the Block Lotto to find out how to get the block pattern for free for the first 10 days of the month.

Both sampler quilts I have designed for this year's lotto blocks could be made scrappy or not ... but in my mind, they are definitely scrappy.

Old MacDonald's Mystery Sampler is the most mysterious of these two designs. The name popped into my head and stuck, so that may give you some idea of the theme.

It measures 54 by 66 inches, without borders or sashing, just 99 six inch blocks in a 9 by 11 grid.  The number of each of the 12 blocks you'll need for this quilt varies between 2 and 15.

For this month, make 6 Birds in the Air blocks in colors that suggest sky (I'll be using pale blues and purples combined with medium blues).

The other sampler quilt design is less mysterious because I can tell you that you need to make 4 of each of the monthly blocks and I can share the setting with you.  It measures 60 by 82 inches.  Although this once can certainly be made NOT scrappy, I have come to think of this design as RSC Meets the Block Lotto.

Here is the setting in three color ways.  Each of the open squares represents 4 lotto blocks, sewn together as a 12 inch 4-patch.

  2016Sampler-Gray-Scale-Setting     2016Sampler-2ColorSetting     2016Sampler-RainbowScrapsSetting

Thinking scrappy, the sashing and borders are constructed of small squares.  I envisioned using black and white prints in the gradated setting on the left. The blocks could be also be black and white, maybe with pops of color (or a single bright color used as the background fabric in the blocks). The middle quilt is a simplified 2-color setting–I was thinking QOV quilt when I played with the idea of red and white setting fabrics and predominately blue blocks.

I plan to make the rainbow version on the right. I'll be going through my scraps and constructing the setting units as I make my blocks.  I suspect that my quilt colors will have an over-all softer look than this quickly constructed graphic.  My four Birds in the Air blocks will fill the spot on the left in the bottom row.

I will be sharing more information–beginning with fabric requirements for those that need them–if anyone is interested in quilting along with me.

I am joining the parties for Scrap Happy Saturday and Oh Scrap!  Please let me know if you're interested in joining a quilt-along for one of these block lotto samplers.


QuiltShopGal said...

I absolutely love your Birds in the Air block. Total #CreativeGoodness.


PS - I'm finding it really easy to follow you via, although I still follow you via a variety of tools

Anonymous said...

You have certainly put a lot of thought into this, Sophie, and I appreciate that. I'm so tempted by your Old McDonald's idea, but I do have problems with mystery quilts, so I'm not sure. Anyway, I hope to make this month's blocks this very week! I have to go through my scraps and see which blues have a big enough piece. Or purples, might be purple.

Gail in Vegas said...

This is a great first block for the 2016 Block Lotto! I'm very happy you are following the rainbow scraps challenge for the colors.

Last year I watched the RSC to see what people were making in the monthly colors and this year I'm playing along by making rainbow scrap schoolhouse blocks.

Payhip was fast and easy to use and I applaud your decision to sell the patterns after the first 10 days of the month. There are not too many block patterns you can purchase that have instructions for making SEVEN size of the block - it is well worth the minimal charge.

The white to black setting really appeals to me and relieves me of the decision of how to make a quilt of the blocks at the end of the year! Thank you!!

scraphappy said...

Sew exciting! You have got quite a theme going on here. It looks like so much fun! Looking forward to watching this come together as the year goes on.

scraphappy said...

I just tried the pattern download on PAYHIP and it was fast and easy. The file looks quite complete and professional. Very nicely done.

Mystic Quilter said...

Birds in the Air is a block I'm thinking about for RSC 2016, yours are wonderful, looking forward to the books in the monthly colours.

ratama said...

Your blocks are so nice!

Ivani said...

Your blocks are beautiful.

Deb A said...

BITA blocks are so fun to make in the RSC Challenge. I plan to make some more this year but have the color placement a little different. I love the white and color effect - so clean and crisp.

Béa said...

I plan to follow along the mystery sampler. Happy New Year Sophie XXX

joe tulips said...

I find your photo of the January blocks so artsy fartsy. I love it. It might be the early morning, coffee induced energy talking....but I am totally intrigued with the McDonald mystery! I want to do that one.

Cathy said...

Hmmmm, Old McDonald has me rather intrigued.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

What a great idea to tie the RSC and the Block Lotto together by color. I love your blue blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

Sharon said...

I like the idea of tying the RSC and the BL together this year. More ways to use up scraps is a good thing! I love the Birds In The Air and I love blue and purple, so I think I'll for sure be making some of these blocks!

I'm intrigued with your scrappy rainbow quilt layout. Hmmmm.....that could be fun!

Edith said...

Your Birds in the Air blocks are exquisite, great idea to photograph them on the snowy deck.

Karen's Quilts from Cape Town said...

Payhip was a breeze, and the pattern downloaded without a problem, thanks.
Yes, please, would like to join your quilt-along for the Old MacDonald quilt! Karen N

Sheila said...

I've always like the Birds in the Air block and look forward to seeing it in rainbow colors.

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