Sunday, January 31, 2016

Under-the-wire Finish for the #intrepidthreadchallenge

challenge fabricsLast fall, Julie at the Intrepid Thread created a challenge based on using fabrics of her choosing. She has a great way with putting fabrics together and so I knew I wanted to play.

Here are the fabrics.

I love text on fabrics and scrappy backgrounds and knew that I would use those mini-charms in whatever I made.

After I saw the fabric, I had lots of ideas ... a few that played ping pong in my head for far too long.

Ultimately I decided to chase down something else that has long ping-pinged in my head: the traditional block whose name is on the tip of my mind whenever I see a modern Swoon block.

I flipped through Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns and decided Rolling Star, published by The Rural New Yorker on 6/4/1932 looked to be an ancestor to Camille Roskelley's Swoon.

So I started here, and resized it to work with the mini-charms, added a seam that I thought would make construction easier and set to work.

UntitledI used a combination of shapes cute from templates and rotary cut squares and half-square triangles.

I started by putting together the center, then assembled the chunks that would surround it.

I expected the Y-seams in the star in the center ... but was a little surprised when I realized that there would be a lot more Y-seams when it came time to put all my chunks together.

Realizing this block had more Y-seams than I thought

But, as the saying goes, all's well that end's well ... and here's my finished pillow. 

Finished PIllow

The finished pillow measures 12 by 16 inches.

Quilting DetailThe front is simply quilted with loopy feathers, wobbly matchsticks and doodle-y daisies and loops.

The back is made from the rest of the pink fabric, along with a coordinating fabric from my stash, in a simple lapped construction.

Although it was made as a pillow cover, it may end up serving as a table mat at my house.

Thanks, Julie, for the interesting challenge.

Not only was it fun for me–once I finally decided what I wanted to make–I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's creative projects on the Intrepid Thread Challenge Link Up Party.


Ellen said...

Your pillow looks very pretty! Those are tricky seams but you did a great job on them.

floribunda said...

very nice finish! I visited the Intrepid Thread recently -- it's a bit of a haul from where I live, but worth it for the friendly people and great fabric.

Anonymous said...

Pillow or table cover, it's a lovely, bright piece. I think you answered the challenge very well!

joe tulips said...

Dutch rose comes into my head.. That might be a different block with a new name. Anyway, I was all excited to see it. Then you said Y seam. My eyes glazed over and I gave up even thinking about it. Call me chicken.

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