Friday, April 01, 2011

Block Lotto Synchronicity in Red & White

Red & White quiltWhen a quilter walks through almost any quilt show, they will see quilt designs they (or friends) have made and designs that they want to make.

A couple of the quilts reminded me of block patterns that we have made for the Block Lotto ... or would be making in April.

We made a liberated version of the "asterisk" blocks in the quilt at the top of this photo last summer, called Fireworks.

Red & White quiltThis quilt based on the block pattern known as The Clover Blossom was fresh in my mind when I was in New York for the exhibit last weekend because I had been looking for a documented name for a simplified design that Kate had suggested for the Block Lotto.

Kathy's Modern Clover #1I thought The Clover Blossom block was probably it's closest documented relative, so I suggested the block name, Modern Clover for the much simpler block.

I put together directions for making a 6 inch (finished size) version here:

Modern Clover Quilt Block

And here are some of the blocks I made for our scrappy color-way this month.

You can see many more lovely, scrappy examples of this block on the Block Lotto blog.

One more bit of Block Lotto synchronicity . . . in March 73 quilters made 436 red & white D4P blocks.  I don't know if they were influenced by the Infinite Variety buzz or if it was just a fun block in a classic color combination . . . but this represents a record number of lotto blocks made in one month.  NINE winners will be receiving at least 48 blocks--a great start on a red & white quilt for their own collection.  I think Joanna Rose would be happy with our success.

Someone recently shared a link to this video of the Infinite Variety exhibit and it seems like a good place for me to (finally) stop posting about the show.

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