Sunday, April 03, 2011

My Feline Helpers on the Design Floor

Arranging Blocks ... with Grace HopperLast night, I put together the sampler and alternate blocks ... and I had help.

While Johnny was the first to discover me working on the design floor, Grace–a true lover of textiles–was the most persistent in helping me put the blocks together. That girl loves fabric.

Johnny just wants to be my priority, whatever I am doing . . .

Arranging Blocks ... with Johnny B.

I did manage to get the blocks together and am now thinking about borders.

Sampler Quilt in progress

(If you're wondering, I really don't like those two yellow blocks one atop the other either ...  I'm sure I must have flipped something when I was assembling the blocks, but I've decided I can live with it.) 

Taking the photo of the in-progress quilt was not without its challenges because Johnny insisted I needed his help as you can see here, here and here. I would chase him off the top, but as soon as I stepped onto the step stool for a better perspective shot, he ran back in ... even when I convinced to stay off the top, he insisted on getting himself into the frame.

Grace Hopper showed up fashionably late–she'd been napping in the closet–and missed her close-up.

Edited on Monday to add if you want to see more design floors, walls and other work in progress, head on over to Judy's blog and see what everyone else is up to.


Stray Stitches said...

Your quilt is wonderful! Johnny is darling and quite the camera hog :)

Rian said...

Beautiful quilt!!! I like it a whole bunch. Johnny is really a ham. My dog used to do the same thing the moment a quilt or top went on the floor. Like it was his job or something.

Andee said...

I have the same problem at my place! Quilt looks great though!

Melinda said...

The setting blocks make the sampler blocks look great. Nice you have two helpers - very cute.

Pokey said...

I like the small green squares and the thread they bring into the quilt top. It looks great!

Christine Thresh said...

How funny that he does that on purpose. He is really cute, but tell him we want to see the top.
My fluffy white cat, Feather, only rubs up against my legs when I am wearing black or dark blue pants. If I am wearing jeans he just passes by.
Cats are determined creatures.

Barbara C said...

What a great setting for you sampler blocks. Perhaps Johnny just wants to be the spokesmodel for your beautiful quilt.

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