Thursday, April 14, 2011

One More Border?

Handmade by Heidi Tomorrow night is the Friday Night Sew-in in Blogland.  (Follow the link if you want to learn more or play along.)

I plan to finish up the Lotto Block Sampler--not sure if I will add a narrow cream border and call it done, add a final plain border (I'm thinking purple, but could be under the influence of the color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge).

I put it on the bed to see if that perspective would provide any insight.

The sampler-in-progress 

Is it wrong to make the quilt just a little bit bigger so it will fit on the bed . . . even if my original intention was NOT to make a bed quilt? And what about those big white spaces I've created around the outside of the quilt.  Does the quilt seem to need some appliqué or should I leave those quiet spaces alone, knowing that when the quilt is quilted, they won't seem so empty?

Grace "helping" againDid you notice the tail in the photo above?

Probably the only thing Grace enjoys more than admiring quilting fabric or sewn blocks is helping to make the bed.

She seemed to think that the new quilt would make a great bed cover . . . she even held on tight to the in-progress top when I tried to take it away.


Anonymous said...

Why would it be wrong to add a border to make it bed-sized? I think that's a good idea! (Of course most of my quilt tops are bed sized, that's the default for me.)

Looking at the quilt, I'd audition a wide green border complementing the green chain blocks. Also consider extending the chain, reversed (cream on green) into the border. I am not sure if that would really work but I'd like to test it with rough cut squares and see.

I think definitely nothing more in the blank spaces; they work really well as eye-rests.

One woman's opinion, worth what you paid for it. :)

Recovering Perfectionist said...

There's certainly nothing wrong with adding as many borders as you want. I've been drooling, uh... I mean looking over the "Infinite Variety" pictures, and that was definitely done in a lot of those quilts.

Rainbows in Wool said...

I'd add a border or two, but right now, I am sick of borders' 6 down 14 more to go, holy moly. I like your quilt. My next one is going to be blocks.

Creating Trouble said...

I agree with Catlinye - a green border would probably work better than a purple one. Borders are good - the last quilt I made had a ridiculously wide border as I was so fed up with the squares by then I couldn't face another column! (Admittedly the whole thing was done by hand - back before I had a lovely sewing machine!!)
Good luck with finishing it.

Rian said...

I'd add a piano key border with those green fabrics or even repeat ALL the fabrics that are in the quilt. Leave the white space alone.

But it's really beautiful just the way it is!

LuAnn said...

I would sure add a border to the outside - probably in green. And, I like the white spaces. They will be a great place for some nice quilting. Love the quilt.

Nancie said...

Great quilt! I think it calls for a riot of borders....that is, multiple borders of varying widths in a variety of colors pulled from the blocks. It would create a stunning frame and the perfect balance for those white spaces (which, by the way, are screaming to be filled with quilted feathers).

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