Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Awesome Movers

Today was moving day and everything I couldn't move myself was moved by these two awesome guys.

They were fast. They were careful. They were incredibly strong. I had a million–OK, it was twenty-some–well-backed book boxes. I couldn't have carried just one of them up the stairs outside my apartment and they were putting 4-5 boxes on a dolley and practically running up the stairs with them ... in this incredible heat.

I have a car full of lighter, more fragile or just more easily NOT packed in boxes stuff . . . soon I'll bring it all in and start finding a place for everything–one of the movers did ask if my second bedroom was going to be a "junk room" (I'm guessing he was thrown by the presence of 4 x 8 sheets of insulation ;-)

Did I mention that they were very fast?  As part of my move-in special, the apartment complex paid for three hours of movers . . . these guys finished in 2 hours 10 minutes.  A nearly free move for me–they were so awesome, I did have to tip them enough for a few rounds of the Margueritas they were talking about as we wrapped up.

After a couple pretty horrible moves, I was really grateful for these awesome guys and the good work they did for me today.


Gail in Vegas said...

Yea, you are moved in!
And it was a good experience instead of a horrible one.
Kitties must be pros at this moving stuff now :)
Now comes the time it takes to get everything where you can find it again. Hope that part goes quickly.

Debra Spincic said...

and it looks like they were cute too--that is always a plus!

Barbara C said...

A (fairly) uncomplicated move must be a bonus in that extreme heat. You and the cats are getting to be relocation pros.

I hope your new place is everything you hope for.

Christine Thresh said...

I hope you love your new place -- you've had a great beginning. I like to read about good, hardworking people. I hope your air conditioning is working well. I check the Texas weather reports every evening and think about you.

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