Wednesday, October 26, 2005

WIPs and UFOs . . . and why I have them.

A couple months ago, I came away from a fun, free-wheeling day of drawing with my rotary cutter in a workshop with Mary Bajcz. I was very happy with my interpretation of a daisy and knew exactly what I was going to do with it . . . so why haven't I?

I have the fabric and the design for the stem and leaves and the center I want to add, but I've been obsessing between two ideas for borders and a question about using text, which may be copyrighted, as part of the quilting design. It's silly, I know and I thought that by saying it out loud and putting it out in the world, I'd have to let go of the irrational logic that's been holding me back.

Thanks for listening.


Hilda said...

Okay, I hope this isn't a duplicate. I thought I posted a comment, but then it didn't appear. Most likely something I did. Anyway, I read this yesterday and could really identify with it.
I took a right/left brain inventory yesterday and the result was that I'm balanced brain and draw on strengths of both sides depending on a given situation. (my life supports this) While that's a good thing, the downside is "you sometimes feel paralyzed by indecision when the two hemispheres of your brain are competing to solve a problem in their own unique ways."
Since you balance your high tech work with high touch creativity, I thought you might "suffer" some of the above. I'm hoping the AW helps tip the scale to the right a bit, at least when it comes to art expression.

Debra Dixon said...

Take one of your ideas and do it with this piece. Even if that is just adding the text. Then, if you like it, explore more with another block. But, unless you do something, nothing will happen with anything. As Nike says, "Just do it!"

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