Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Saturday To Dye For

Alice Brinkman, a local fiber artist periodically holds Days to Dye For on Saturday mornings in her studio. Yesterday, we played with discharge, using Jacquard discharge paste and a Thiox bath. I started with some black Kona cotton, turquoise hand-dyed cotton and a commercially dyed purple silk scarf.

Is it because Halloween is around the corner that the pole-wrapped shibori piece on the left looks a little a skeleton?

Sihobori discharge Turquoise discharge

The piece on the right was clamped with a pair of wood rectangle shapes. Both went into the Thiox bath, along with a purple silk scarf with was also clamped. The scarf when back into the bath, after it was unclamped to produce the gradated effect in the circles.

Discharged scarf

I also screen-printed both kinds of cotton fabrics with the discharge paste using a silk screens. Here is the black Kona cotton, screened with the kanji for Peace.

Black screened


Anonymous said...

What fun and what great results! I especially like the kanji ones.

sophie said...

There are some more of the kanji screens in the studio with the words for Happiness, Love and Long Life. Next month we're playing with screens (screening dyes and inks), so I'll have another chance to play with them.

Anonymous said...

These are so cool! Does the paste gives more control for finer detail?

Anonymous said...

I love the discharge shibori - haven't done one myself yet (though I've done both discharging and shibori) but it's on my list. And of course I also have discharge paste hanging about that I haven't had a chance to use yet. Why isn't there more time in the day??

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